Special Arctic Airsoft Force logo

The official logo of the SAAF.

"In the snow, the hail, or the sleet we will conquer!"

-The SAAF motto.

The Special Arctic Airsoft Force (SAAF) are the A.T.F's primary arctic warfare specialists much like the real U.S Navy SEALs and take certain aspects from them for airsoft. The SAAF are masters of arctic camouflage and stealth, they take part in the majority of missions in Russia because of the cold climate infact the Airsoft Spetsnaz nickname the cold blooded killers because some Russians beleive SAAF to be cold blooded a compliment to their intense training programme.


The SAAF are comprised of one elite squadron called 'Echo squad' sometimes because of this SAAF are nicknamed by allies as Echo Force. Echo squad is made up 4 personnel with their identities hidden, each one performs things none of the other A.T.F except the 3 SR can do such as: underwater operations, arctic warfare including low temperature assaults, the SAAF also are very hard to spot on thermal equipment because of what they wear and how their trained.


Operation: Renegade 2010-Present 2010