Downtown Caerphilly, Wales UK

Sgt. Davies// Codename: "X-Ray"

Operation: Homefront

June 19, 2010

X-Ray, Oxide, Saber, and a Onyx are in the back of a car.

Onyx (Rhys Dyer): Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!

Oxide (Ben Pingel): CALM DOWN! The bb bounced off clean. You're gonna be fine!

Onyx: I'm still hit!

Oxide: Stay down, here take this.

Oxide sticks something in the Onyx's neck and they both turn silent.

X-Ray (Ieuan Davies): Son of a Bitch!

Saber (Thomas Pingel): Commander, the Spetsnaz took out SAAF 1 and E.A.C 1, we cannot be extracted by air.

Oxide: What's the status on the other A.T.F forces?

Saber: The Police reports that the surface streets have been compromised. Sleeper cells have been activated and are rampaging through the streets.

Oxide: Any word on casualties?

Saber: Downtown Caerphilly evacuated, preliminary reports are below expectations.

Oxide: Thank God. X-Ray, what's our next move?

X-Ray: Commander, we are going to the shelter under the marketplace in downtown.

Oxide: Saber, I want troops on the streets and these Russians dealt with.

Saber: A.T.F.C scrambled two hundred FA-38s. They're less than five minutes out.

Oxide: (to himself) It's what Markov planned all along. Taking out the A.T.F, wiping out one task force at a time crippling our government and land forces.

They drive through the lane, until...

Saber: (in the background) Holy shit! Roadblock!!!

Oxide: Everyone get down!! RPG!!!!

A Roadblock is spotted dead ahead. And an RPG hits the transport vehicle severly damaging it and injuring the occupents.

Oxide: Agent Saber, get to cover! Come on, X-Ray! The Russians've got us zeroed! The hill is our only chance!

X-Ray: Get ready to move!

Oxide: We need to fight up to the top of this hill for any chance of extraction!

X-Ray: Roger that!

Saber: I got visual on the Spetsnaz 6 o' clock.

Oxide: I'll cover you move up the hill! go, go!!

X-Ray: We're gonna need cover Oxide I hope you know what your doing.

Oxide: Just keep pushing up the hill we'll worry about cover when we get there.

Saber: They're still on our six!

Oxide: We'll hold them off here, everyone stand your grounds! open up your fields and fire!

X-Ray: Thats our window get the hell out of there Oxide! we need to move!

Saber: Keep moving! their closing in!

Oxide: Hold fast!! heres our line in the sand, we don't fall back till its breached, understand?

X-Ray: Roger!

Saber: Wilco! surely they can't keep coming this is madness.

Oxide: Okay fall back! fall back!!! theres too many of 'em!

X-Ray: How the fuck are we gonna come back from this Oxide!?

Oxide: I don't know but we will, Markov knew exactly what he was doing, he hit every A.T.F base on the same day to pave the way for an invasion. Saber! get CentCom on OpCom!

Saber: Their not responding Commander!

X-Ray: Oxide.....did Command just tell us to go 'F' ourselves?

Oxide: Sounds like it..

X-Ray: Theres the clearing we need to hold them off till evac can get hear, Oxide what's the ETA?

Oxide: Havent hearded back from CentCom we're alone on this one boys.

(Over radio) CentCom: Commander Oxide this is BlackLight I heared you and the Spectres could do with an air evac, over.

Oxide: Couldn't have had any better timing BlackLight whats our ETA? Over.

BlackLight: Your air evac via V-22 Osprey is ETA in less than 5 mins, out.

Oxide: Okay guys get dug in we're holding the line, this base does not fall we have 5 minutes for emergency evac, weapons tight, eyes open.

X-Ray: Rog' we're not losing this base especially now.

Saber: Tangos coming in from our 12 o' clock!

Oxide: Concentrate your fire at our 12 o' clock!

Oxide: Our bird's here, c'mon X-Ray we are leaving!

Grenade detonates near X-Ray and severarly wounds him

X-Ray: Shit! hit my leg, fuck!!

Oxide: Stay down! we're not leaving you behind, c'mon we're getting you out of here....

Screen fades out

End of Operation: Homefront cutscene for Operation: Blackout begins...