M4 Carbine

A G&G M4 Carbine.

The G&G M4 Carbine manafactured by G&G Armament in Taiwan was the standard issue A.T.F weapon until trails for a new weapon were put in place to find a suitable replacement for the ageing weapon system. Eventually in 2012 the XM8 was found to be a better weapon and replaced the M4 as standard issue to all A.T.F personnel.


  • 335 fps with standard 0.6mm plastic BBs
  • 600 rpm firerate
  • 8.4v Mini battery
  • Metal winding hi-cap magazines containing 470rds
  • Metal Intergrated adjustable carry handle iron sights
  • G&G's Electric Blowback metal gearbox
  • Metal front & rear sights
  • Intergrated nylon/glass fibre R.I.S rail under the carry handle
  • Fully ajustable hop up
  • Metal selector switch for "Safe, Semi-auto, Automatic"
  • 5 position nylon/glass fibre ajustable stock
  • Made from nylon/glass fibre and metal
  • Metal mag release button
  • Working metal charging handle
  • 2 metal sling mounts (one at the front and one at the back)
  • Able to be field stripped and dissasembled
  • Removable metal and nylon/glass fibre carry handle