M1A1 Thompson

A Cybergun Thompson M1A1B.

The Cybergun Thompson M1A1B manafactured by Cybergun is used by A.T.F veterans from when the A.T.F was disavowed after WWII, some prefere the old M1A1s high rate of fire, reliablility, high capacity mag and classic design to modern weapons.


  • 325 fps with standard 0.6mm plastic BBs
  • Electric battery powered
  • ABS plastic high-cap winding drum magazine containing 1000rds
  • ABS plastic changeable flip up rear sight and front sight
  • Cybergun's electric gearbox
  • Realistic wood effect
  • Fully ajustable hop up
  • ABS plastic selector switch for "Safe, Semi-auto, Automatic"
  • Metal sling swivel at front and back
  • Made from ABS plastic and metal
  • ABS Plastic mag release button
  • Working metal charging handle