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"The A.T.F, combining the most modern military airsoft technology with the most elite airsoft warfighters of the future."

-Commander Oxide

The Airsoft Task Force commonly referred to as the A.T.F is the branch of the UKSAF responsible for all special ops and black ops missions in the South Wales region. There are two divisions of the A.T.F: The most famous is the 3rd Strike Regiment known by most as the "3 SR" which is the regiment that contains "Spectre Squad" the most lethal airsoft squadron of the A.T.F, the other is the 19th "Strike Force" Regiment  or simply "Strike Force". It is composed of the best members of the UKSAF and anyone able to pass the selection program mainly British people. The A.T.F.C that controls the actions of the A.T.F most of the time, was set up by Ben "Oxide" Pingel in 2010 and continues to serve to this day as well as its three components. The A.T.F currently has four members of the UKSAF whose details are classified.


The A.T.F's operators are drawn from the United Kingdom Special Airsoft Forces (UKSAF) who have passed all four phases of recruitment and training to get in. Only four people have managed to get into the A.T.F and all are in the 3 SR however the A.T.F are currently running a recruitment programme to get more people to try for selection.

Rank StructureEdit

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Notable Airsoft OperationsEdit

Operation: Renegade 2010-Present